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Preference Certificates

All our Catholic Schools are State Integrated Schools.  Our Catholic Schools have a Catholic character school that allows for collaboration between the government and a private proprietor in a way that preserves the special character of the proprietor and the school.  State-integrated schools are permitted to give preference in enrolment to students who, either themselves or through their parents, identify with the school's special character.  To establish preference, the school require parents to obtain a Preference Certificate from their Parish Priest.  A Catholic school can legally enrol a maximum of 5% non-preference students if, and only if, there are spaces available.

Click here to see the Guidelines for granting preference of enrolment in New Zealand Catholic Schools.

Catholic Primary School: ring the school first and check whether there is space for them to accept any new enrolments; if there is space, follow the flow chart below.
Catholic Secondary School: find out the school's enrolment closing date (generally between June and July) and then follow the process below, allowing plenty of time to obtain the necessary documentation. We would suggest that you begin this process at least 3 months before enrolment closing, as many parents are seeking interviews with the Parish Priest.

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Click button above to 
apply for a preference 
Click button above to 
apply for a preference 
certificate - you will need to attend an interview with the Parish Priest to establish whether your child is eligible 
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