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Catholic Schools  

We have a number of remarkable Catholic schools that offer an exceptional educational experience. These schools provide a comprehensive curriculum that prioritises academic excellence and instils the values and principles of the Catholic faith in their students.


Within the boundaries of the arish, there are three Catholic primary schools and two Catholic secondary schools. Further details can be found below.

Our Catholic Primary Schools

We have three fantastic Catholic Primary Schools in our Parish.
Click on the links below to visit their website.

Raza de los niños

St Bernadette's School

We are a Year 1- 8 Catholic Primary School in the heart of Hornby.

niños corriendo

Our Lady of Victories School

We are a Catholic School that is Christ centered and lives Mercy Values.

Los niños que juegan esfuerzo supremo

St Teresa's School

St. Teresa's provides a caring environment for children to learn and develop their talents. We are a Catholic School from Years 1–8.

Our Catholic Secondary Schools

There are five Catholic Secondary Schools in Christchurch.
Click on the links below to visit their website.

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