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Because our parish is subscribed to FORMED, all our parishioners have access to this amazing resource. Think of it as ‘the Catholic version of Netflix.’

It has over 4000 videos, series, talks, e-books and even cartoons for children.

To sign up follow these simple steps:

Go to 

Enter ‘8052’ (Catholic Parish of Christchurch West)

Enter your name and your email address


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You trust the Church enough to be reading this. Would you like to take that next step and get to know us a bit more?  God is standing before you with open arms, with infinite Mercy.  Sometimes we don't know where to begin, other times we don't feel worthy or able, and still other times we have been wounded by life; perhaps there are other reasons why we remain on the threshold of the Church but never jump in. Whatever may have happened in your life, we will do our best to welcome you home with a smile.  

Come and See

We may not know what led you to where you are today. Having said this, you are here now, and we invite you to step out of your routine and encounter the living presence of Christ and His Spirit. Also, come and get to know the community

Abide with God

It is for each Catholic never to stop growing.  Learning to abide with God is a dynamic process of spiritual growth.  Over time, God's light and love guide all that we do.  We learn to pray at all times and trust, so that our hearts may be at peace.

Sent Out

God calls and sends each of us out into the world.  It is rooted in our Baptism.  We hope that each person may discover this call and this mission, whether it is with the Poor, the sick or the spreading of the Gospel.